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Our team of Virginia Beach Bankruptcy Lawyers works with clients who face financial problems including high interest credit card debt, overwhelming medical bills, garnishments and the threat of vehicle repossession or mortgage foreclosure. Our bankruptcy lawyers are able to help those strapped by payday loans and other predatory lending schemes. Our bankruptcy law firm has more than 50 years of combined experience, training and practice helping Virginia Beach residents through the difficult bankruptcy process with care and professionalism.

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Our bankruptcy lawyers experience and knowledge will help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, most debts are able to be discharged (wiped out) by the bankruptcy court. People who file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are required to make a monthly payment to the bankruptcy court for a period of at least 36 months before receiving a discharge in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is only one option when considering how to deal with your debt. A free consultation in our office will help point you in the right direction. To make an accurate assessment of your financial situation, it would be best if you bring 60 days of paycheck stubs and your last tax return to the free appointment. Providing these documents will help us to assess your financial situation and help determine the requirements for filing under the “Bankruptcy Means Test”. The Means Test is a law used to determine whether or not you have to file a Chapter 13 and make a partial repayment of your debt because of your annual income.

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision and one that will impact the rest of your life. The decision should be made only after receiving the proper legal advice from a bankruptcy lawyer. Call us in Virginia Beach now at 757-428-3481 to set your free bankruptcy consultation.