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Bankruptcy Counseling and Education

Bankruptcy counseling and education is required under law before filing bankruptcy. There are two parts to the required bankruptcy counseling and education conducted by certified counselors: Pre-filing Bankruptcy Counseling and Pre-Discharge Education. You might think of the pre-filing bankruptcy counseling sessions as your ticket into bankruptcy and the pre-discharge education session as your ticket out of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy counseling must completed through a bankruptcy counseling agency that has been approved by the United States Trustee to offer bankruptcy counseling services.

Pre-filing Bankruptcy Counseling

During pre-filing bankruptcy counseling sessions, certified credit counselors usually work one on one with a debtor to develop a personal financial assessment. The personal financial assessment can help determine the right solution for a debtor's financial situation. Bankruptcy counselors work with debtors to develop a manageable spending plan and possibly an action plan for future financial success.

Most bankruptcy counseling services are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also possible to set an in-person meeting with a bankruptcy counselor. Most of my clients prefer to do bankruptcy counseling by phone because it is quicker than either the online or in-person option.

After pre-filing bankruptcy counseling is completed, a Certificate of Counseling is delivered by fax or email to my office for filing with the bankruptcy petition.

Pre-discharge Education

After the bankruptcy has been filed, but before the bankruptcy case can be discharged, the pre-discharge session must be completed by debtors. The pre-discharge education program covers many different financial topics to help a debtor succeed after completion of the bankruptcy. The pre-discharge certificate must be filed with the court so the debtor can receive their discharge of debts, which is the goal in any bankruptcy case.