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Bankruptcy Payment Plans

Bankruptcy payment plan options vary depending on the type of bankruptcy filed. In most chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, many debtors choose to pay their filing fees in installments or apply to the court to have the bankruptcy filing fee waived entirely. If a debtor files a chapter 7 bankruptcy case and applies to have the fee waived, the court processes the case normally but can dismiss the case later if the fee waiver application is denied and the filing fee is not paid. If the filing fee of an individual chapter 7 debtor is waived and that debtor’s case is later converted to a case under chapter 13, the debtor must pay the full chapter 13 filing fee.

Flexible bankruptcy attorney fee payment plan options are available with our office to make filing your chapter 7 or chapter 13 case as easy as possible. Payment plan options for bankruptcy attorney fees can be made on a case by case basis after discussing your situation in a free bankruptcy consultation with our attorneys.

Many people wonder “Where am I supposed to get the money to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer, after all, I’m trying to file bankruptcy and I have no money!” Bankruptcy is about not only restructuring your debt, but bankruptcy is also about restructuring your life. Once someone has made a decision to file bankruptcy, payments on debts that will be wiped out by the bankruptcy like old medical bills or high interest credit cards no longer have a priority in the budget. Many debtors use the money that may have been set aside for those bills to cover their bankruptcy filing fees.

It usually takes my office between 1 to 2 weeks to file a bankruptcy once the paperwork has been gathered and the bankruptcy has been signed. Many debtors use that time to spread out their attorney and bankruptcy filing fee payments. Additional time can be allowed for payment if needed. In a chapter 13 case, the attorney fee is paid through the chapter 13 plan allowing debtors to incorporate their bankruptcy attorney fee into their monthly payment to the chapter 13 trustee making it easier for the debtor to file the case as quickly as possible.